The Essential WebSphere MQ Tool

Browse List

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The 'Browse' button on the 'Get/Put Messages' tab brings up the Browse List window
Select a message to see information about the message:
Number--> Shows queue position of selected message
Some MQMD fields are displayed
Header fields show selection details
Double click to view Browsed Message Body
'Data Format' sets display and formatting for viewing Message Body
Flexible message browsing using Browse List:
Use Browse buttons to view different messages (Next, Previous, First, or Number-->)
Use Get Number or Clear Number buttons to Get or Clear a message from queue
Alternatively, use right mouse button to View, Get, or Clear a message
Very large messages may be truncated when viewing
'BrowseList' refreshes the message list
Examine Message button provides advanced character and HEX formatting options
Use 'SaveAs' to copy the message to a file