The Essential WebSphere MQ Tool

Examine Files and Messages

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Files read from folders and messages gotten from queues can be examined in detail.
Text can be formatted as character, formatted XML, or HEX.
Character formatting displays the message or file as received.
Formatted XML formats the message using XML formatting rules.
See Message Detail for an example.
The self-defining option automatically determines the appropriate format.
Hex formatting options provide flexibility (Hex & Character Stacked shown):
Hex & Character Familiar display with hex followed by text.
Hex Only Omits the text display.
Hex & Character Stacked Hex characters on one line with text representation on next line.
Notice Carriage Return, Tab, and Line Feed translated in this display.
EOL Control simplifies examining lines in a file, for example when matching ACTUAL MESSAGE FORMAT with DOCUMENTED FORMAT when building WebSphere MQ Integrator message sets. Notice that in this display, LF is selected to display each line of the input file on one line.
Number of characters per line can be used to control display line length.