The Essential WebSphere MQ Tool

Manage MQ

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Monitoring allows real-time observation of changes to queue depths.
Monitor multiple queues on multiple queue managers with 'Monitor Queues'.
Track current, previous, and maximum queue depths along with total messages put.
Display either horizontally or vertically for display management.
Changing depths are color coded as an eye-catcher. Green = increasing, red = decreasing.
Interval controls sampling rate.
Timeline Trend is an exciting way to see interaction between queues and applications over time.
Track changes in queue depth and progress between applications.
Sampling is performed on the refresh interval with results displayed as a timeline.
Increases are indicated by '>', decreases by '<', no change by '-'.
'Monitor CHANGED Qs on One QM' displays only Qs with changing depths.
'Monitor ALL Qs on One QM' displays all queues on the QM.
See Changed Qs on QM with Timeline Trend for a detailed explanation.