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About MQExerciser

Save Time, Money, and Frustration

The full function MQExerciser is now FREE.  There were four Editions of MQExerciser.  See details at Features At A Glance.

     N/A   - TRIAL EDITION.  When you download the TRIAL EDITION you have full function
                    and your prices are locked in for 30 days.  After the trial period you must either
                    purchase MQExerciser or request a STARTER EDITION license which enables
                    a basic set of functions.

     N/A   - STARTER EDITION                           - Connect to 1 Queue Manager and 2 Queues,
                                                                                 Simple Message Manipulation

   N/A - DEVELOPER EDITION                      - Connect to 2 Queue Managers and 3 Queues
                                                                                 Rich Message Manipulation

 N/A - ADVANCED DEVELOPER EDITION - Connect to 4 Queue Managers and 6 Queues
                                                                                 Complex Message Manipulation and Analysis

 FREE - INTEGRATION EXPERT EDITION    - Connect to 4 Queue Managers and 6 Queues
                                                                                 Even more function and enhancements for
                                                                                 WebSphere MQ Integrator

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