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Value Proposition

Save Time, Money, and Frustration

MQExerciser makes life easier for MQSeries application developers.  Testing an application that reads a message from one queue, processes it, and put the results to one or more output queues can be complicated and tedious.  Many steps are involved - from creating an input message, to opening an input queue and putting the message onto it, to periodically checking for results.  And , when a message arrives on an output queue, open that queue, get the reply message, and examine it.  Finally, if you want to test it again, you have to start from the beginning.  MQExerciser eliminates some of these steps, automates others, and simplifies the rest.  With MQExerciser, you open both the input and output queues simultaneously.  Queue depths are automatically displayed, and refreshed, on the same screen, at the same time!  Click one button to put a message to a queue and wait for it to be processed.  When it arrives on an output queue, click one button to get or browse the message.


And that is just the start.  Build messages from files in a folder by simply pointing and clicking no more cutting and pasting, unless you want to.  Get messages from a queue and save them to a file in one operation.  You can even get multiple messages from a queue, saving each one to a separate file with a single mouse click.


You can also automate testing.  Put files containing the text for your test messages into a folder, then read the files one by one and put them to a queue.  Or, point to the folder and let MQExerciser do the rest, reading the files, creating messages, and putting them to the designated queue - all in one operation.  MQExerciser can also put a message onto a queue multiple times at a rate you select.  Now you sit back and watch.  See bottlenecks, look for failures, and check multiple destinations.


MQExerciser helps team members work together efficiently.  Applications can be developed and tested individually.  Messages from one application are put to a temporary queue or saved to a file.  When the second application is ready for testing, MQExerciser simply copies the messages from the temporary queue or reads from a file.  No need to re-run an application and you have built-in regression tests.


Whether it is allowing you to make better use of your time, automating tasks, or removing inhibitors to team efforts, MQExerciser helps you save time, money, and frustration .

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